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Danny Hennesy
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MushroomBrain by PAPIPI portrait of me made by Brentblack by MushroomBrain Mushroom Brain by BalloonTomb

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My name is Danny Hennesy and I am the king, Queen and Emperor of Homeland a state of mind in wich I am dictator...

My name is Danny Hennesy and a woman I call mum gave birth to me a long time ago, such a long time ago that I even canīt remeber it...
I can speak language with my mouth...
I am from a circus family...

Current Residence: south Sweden (in the World)
Favorite genre of music: Good Music and Horrid Noise
Favorite painters: Dix, Lautrec, Giger and Well Many, Many More...

HERE ARE SOME OF THE MushroomBrainFaces I use:

Spreading Swedish Culture by MushroomBrain Stare in to the Eyes of Insanity by MushroomBrain Trust Me I love You by MushroomBrain I am plenty by MushroomBrain Mia Winslow photsession no 1 by MushroomBrain LeatherMan Pansy Boy by MushroomBrain Self Portrait by Me by MushroomBrain Straight as A Daffodil by MushroomBrain Danny Hennesy it is hard to Quit Smoking by MushroomBrain the creator by MushroomBrain Romantic Chibi Bishie Boy by MushroomBrain more from Mia Winslow by MushroomBrain Me and majja again by MushroomBrain When I was Young and Handsome by MushroomBrain Me and my Favorite skull by MushroomBrain alien Hennesy by MushroomBrain Danny and seashell by MushroomBrain Danny in Jeans by MushroomBrain My Book Cover and Me by MushroomBrain The Dark Saint Praying by MushroomBrain Heavy Industrial Hammering by MushroomBrain Beer Art by MushroomBrain The Fool walking again by MushroomBrain a Painter Painting by MushroomBrain Who is Danny Hennesy these days... by MushroomBrain Danny Hennesy latest mohawk in the city by MushroomBrain bad hair day by MushroomBrain Potty Daffodil with Plant by MushroomBrain Just the Artist Danny Hennesy Back in Sweden by MushroomBrain Danny Hennesy in a Diffuse Box by MushroomBrain Tranny is leaving Homeland by MushroomBrain MushroomBrain Wow Signal from inner Space by MushroomBrain I am plenty by MushroomBrain The Painting and his painter... by MushroomBrain Rusty Solar Explosion Danny Hennesy posing by MushroomBrain Not Really hendrix But Nude and Rude by MushroomBrain Black and White Monster Clown by MushroomBrain selfportrait II by MushroomBrain Hot Mohawk by MushroomBrain Flower and the sweet Eyed Beast by Danny Hennesy by MushroomBrain grotesque selfportrait by MushroomBrain the two Sides of Danny Hennesy Mad and Insane by MushroomBrain semi transvestite by MushroomBrain Thorn Crowned Hippie Fool by Danny Hennesy by MushroomBrain The Painting and his painter... by MushroomBrain The cam went of premature by MushroomBrain sometimes I feel alien by MushroomBrain me and my skull by MushroomBrain Cheers Spill your Wine Hennesy by MushroomBrain Untitled Just My Rebel Expression or Danny Hennesy by MushroomBrain Fucked up clown by MushroomBrain Concrete Punk Street ART by MushroomBrain Self Portrait by Me by MushroomBrain

if anyone would like to paint or create a picture of me after being inspired of these pictures you can submit it to this group:

and LordWormm's FAN-art of my ART: Mushroom Babies by Lordwormm Vibrobot Fanart by Lordwormm

For best effect Look at it in full size!

and JestemBazyliszkiem It's a t-shirt by JestemBazyliszkiem



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Hello all of you!!!
I am now back in Sweden again :( god I allready miss Vienna :)

Fistly I want to shed some light and focus on my friend: 


Who is a very talanted Artist, she made these wondeful Digital paintings of me, no available as Prints too:
Danny Bad Day Hair by BLACK-CROWN just nothing by BLACK-CROWN with the skull by BLACK-CROWN

so feel free supporting her by buying a print or give her compliments for her Amazing talent :)


and then I just Joined the 


Games-Workshop Headquarters

precinctomega just wrote this welcoming message to me:
Meanwhile, welcome to surrealist/abstract/psychedelic artist (trad and digital media) :iconmushroombrain: - I get the impression from his submissions that there's an interesting transition between his art and his miniatures, as his scratchbuilt Chaos Dreadnought (of which we're still hoping for a more complete image than the currently tantalizing offers) has a strong surrealist look to it. (full journal:… )

here is the Chaos Dreadnought mentioned :) 
Scratch built Chaos Dreadnaught for WH40k by MushroomBrain Chaos Drednaught on Necron by MushroomBrain The Undertaker Takes over jebati sina maca sunce by MushroomBrain

Nice to feel so welcome :)

I really feel like getting all my WH40k (the wikipedia page for those who doesn't know of Warhammer or Games workshop… ) stuff up from all my boxes and start converting and paint the miniatures :) I was never a good miniature painter, but it is great fun to play around with the models...
I am particularly fond of Chaos Warbands and Chaos related things, I mean I always wanted to do a conversion of a really cool Daemon Prince :) 

Well since I am talking about Warhammer and Games Workshop I am gonna make a small poem about this tabletop based wargame: 

"Grim Future in Our Galaxy infested by corrupting Chaos"

Games, Bloody deadly lead heavy games, army lists of all those souls that will be grievingly collected by the Grim reaper and the Chaos gods...

Souls in a Galaxy corrupted by Insane gods, chaos warbands roaming space spreading plague and destruction,
your life is not worth a Boltgun Bolt...

Epic old concrete Buildings falling down on humaniods made out of flesh, crushed in the fight between Empire, chaos and Aliens Death comes eventually...

Vehicles of Great size rumbles on reeking of oil and combustion, loud and noisy, smaller Tyranid squashed underneath a Land-Raiders metal track...

Hunter-killers Swarm Across the battle field next to ravaging Genestealers, their claws cut through cumbersome heavy powerarmor like butter and flesh and blood sprouts out in random directions...

Orks Madboys follow their own twisted persuit in a seemingly aimless manner , most often released to cause confusion among enemy lines, followed by bands of gretchins clearing minefield with thier feet, all expendable...

Insanity released, troops to die on an alien battle "all for a greater Cause" the Emperor Loves you when you waste your life in his honour...

Fields of death, fire, pain and violence, giant structures falling down field support blows bodies appart, it doesn't matter what color of blood you have or if you have blood at all...

Two Armies or more on a gigantic minute battle field, a swamp on Catachan, the spire of Necromuna, in an drifting Space Hulk, the whole galaxy and beyond, forever war...

Combat is surviving, race angainst race, human agains human, alien against alien, no one is to trust, Imperial agents torturing for the sake of the Emperor appearing to be realltively good compare to the worst...

Space, Eldar Craftworlds travelling for eons with no partcular goal other than survive for another year, space pirates attacking cargo vessels for plunder and pillage, your life is worth less..

Chaos Daemons Possessing human bodies, turn them in to a mutating biological mess or even worse twists your brain around utill even the worst metal madness would be a perferance...

Mutations caused in willingly and unwillinger covens of chaos cultists, is it a reward or a cursed ride to something worse than hell??? sould eternally lost as imortal shaddows of pure pain and agony...

Wierd things that stalks you in an extraterrestrial djungle, that wants to suck your intestents out through a minor hole in your head, sometimes the other Army isn't your worst enemy... they might even have some pity on your soul...

A mutation twisting your body in a citys Hiveworld forgotten underworld, killing your kin for a pice of food, fighting for a few inches of territory, you're wort nothing, or only your will to live and fight...

Is the only salvation to become a Daemon Prince and torture other minor existents? such are those they ways of the Warhammer 40.000 universe, survival of the harshest of all and not even that can save your mortal soul, born to die forgotten on a giant battlefield, a minute place in the Galaxy we call the Milkyway, perhaps death is not a cure but a blessing... 

Peace, Noise and Chaos 

P.S. (it is just a game, well a good game :) )

Abstract Danny Hennesy Masterpisses

Broken Dreams by MushroomBrain Minute Noisy Friends by MushroomBrain Raw Little Punky One by MushroomBrain Complicated Simplicity by MushroomBrain Complicated Abstract Pattern by MushroomBrain Abbyswamp by MushroomBrain Framed by MushroomBrain abstract anatomy by MushroomBrain Spooky fog abstract by MushroomBrain grains in the wind by MushroomBrain Solar eclips by MushroomBrain cloudish by MushroomBrain unint. paint. with int. frame by MushroomBrain abstract box or square by MushroomBrain X and Y the complex version by MushroomBrain bored of beeing a painter by MushroomBrain Bollocks by MushroomBrain Mighty formation in the sky by MushroomBrain abstract lingering trees by MushroomBrain Pain and agony of the scream.. by MushroomBrain
In Memory of Mr Woo by MushroomBrain abstract spidersweb by MushroomBrain How to Destroy an Abstract by MushroomBrain Fake Illusionism Art by MushroomBrain Dark Angels in Heaven by MushroomBrain Rorschach test ABSTRACT ART by MushroomBrain Play that Tune by MushroomBrain

Toy, Manikin and Doll ART

child by MushroomBrain Welcome to the Free World by MushroomBrain Just Asleep after a Hard Life by MushroomBrain White Trash Used n trown away by MushroomBrain Small child sinking in paint by MushroomBrain Framed Angelboy by MushroomBrain Chaos Drednaught on Necron by MushroomBrain War Play by MushroomBrain Steeds for Clawful and Skeltor by MushroomBrain Detail from painting... by MushroomBrain Squirt on the Combra analog communication by MushroomBrain 3. After the execution by MushroomBrain soldiers fighting close to pee by MushroomBrain penetrate my mind by MushroomBrain G I Joe kiss by MushroomBrain Pretenders of Society by MushroomBrain commercial plastic by MushroomBrain Flower Power Tank by MushroomBrain Danny Hennesy MOTU ACTION FIG by MushroomBrain The Insane Killer Clown Says: No 2 by MushroomBrain
Horrid doll and Rust by MushroomBrain Big Alpha Male war Machine by MushroomBrain Statues and Beer by MushroomBrain commercial plastic by MushroomBrain

Wich Musical style do you fit in to? 

5 deviants said Heavy Metal, Death metal, Hard Rock, punk
3 deviants said don't you classify my taste you Clown bastard I listen to good music
1 deviant said Pop as long as it is popular and on the Radio
1 deviant said independent, progressive, garage
No deviants said Jazz, Blues, country
No deviants said Electro, Big beats, Electronica, rave, drum and base, synth
No deviants said Classical, instrumental, big band, traditional,
No deviants said experimental, Glitch, noise, musique concrete, Fluxus, Krautrock,
No deviants said Hiphop, Soul, funk,
No deviants said TRANSVESTITEstallion is the only band I ever listen to, they are the best :)

Journal History


New TRANSVESTITEstallion Logo by MushroomBrain
The Experimental ARt noise band with a Glitch, will feture some of our Videos, designs and more!

EXPERIMENTALnoiseMUSIC by MushroomBrain Cursed Rotting flesh and Maggots by MushroomBrain
TRANSVESTITEstallion flyer by MushroomBrain Design for my experimental Band Ts by MushroomBrain
MERCURY DDT CYANIDE by MushroomBrain Eavesdropping the Alien Internet through WormHole by MushroomBrain
Calculating the Girth of John Majors Major Thomas by MushroomBrain Mechanical Golem on the Coast of Wizards by Ts by MushroomBrain
TRANSVESTITEstallion Experimental by MushroomBrain Pentrate My Mind II by MushroomBrain
The Proclamation of Doom on Alien FM radio by MushroomBrain Chaos Havoc Order System Design by MushroomBrain
Fag Smoking A FAG flyer by MushroomBrain Singer from band Caught Public by MushroomBrain
Design for Band no. 230 by MushroomBrain Design for John Joe Wilson and Ts Collaboration by MushroomBrain
Harsh Noise experimental Music by MushroomBrain Design for Conceptual glitch electro Music by MushroomBrain
Hammered to nothing by MushroomBrain an Ogres Digestive System by MushroomBrain
Intrusive Unwanted Noise by MushroomBrain Project X by TRANSVESTITEstallion by MushroomBrain
Glitch in the PinBall Machine by MushroomBrain The Undertaker Takes over jebati sina maca sunce by MushroomBrain
Kiss the Glitch Clown: Repetative Eardrum by MushroomBrainSniffing dead birds, suicide, rotting hedgehogs by MushroomBrain
The Demons are in Our Head by MushroomBrain Horrid Noise by MushroomBrain
TRANSVESTITE NOISE FLYER by MushroomBrain Squirt on the Combra analog communication by MushroomBrain


1. Calculating the Girth of John Majors Major Thomas…

2. Eavesdropping on the Alien Internet through a WormHole…

3.FrankenSteins Monster Makes a Doctor…

4. Start-Repeat-End the Saga of The sinister Syndicate Master Plan…

5. Lost in Concrete Suburbia…

6. Outsider ART music Noise: Alien Call Girls on galactic Radio…

Peace and Noise My friends!

TRANSVESTITEstallion Logotype by MushroomBrain


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drjohnstone 1 hour ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I really appreciate all of the love you've given my work!
comsic 2 hours ago  Hobbyist Photographer
hey I just saw you favourited my work, thank you so much! means a lot to me :-) check out the best work of mine if interested at… on top of that I'll upload several pieces every week what I think you would like! :-)

Greetings, Jesse :-)
kylebjart 5 hours ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Brain of Fungus, you are too good to me. Thanks again and hope you are well out there.
daruvante 6 hours ago  Hobbyist General Artist
thanks for the new faves!!Rainbow awesome lick 
scheinbar 7 hours ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Lightsthroughshadow 10 hours ago  Student Photographer
Thanks for the favs on Last Son of Mars :)
graphie72 13 hours ago  Student Traditional Artist
Thanks for the Llama!
lunathefoxforever 13 hours ago  Professional Traditional Artist
thank you very much for the fave.
blackice940 14 hours ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks for the favorites!!! :)
xDarkFlower 14 hours ago  Hobbyist General Artist
thanks for the fave xD
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