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Danny Hennesy
Artist | Varied
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MushroomBrain by PAPIPI portrait of me made by Brentblack by MushroomBrain Mushroom Brain by BalloonTomb

NEW Ts VIDEO on Youtube:…
Schrödinger's Cat Fooling the Scientists Ruling the Universe from the Cat Box: TRANSVESTITEstallion

YOUTUBE Channel: of the Experimental Dada electronic Glitch Noise ART band TRANSVESTITEstallion:…? and our old youtube channel:… (no Longer in Use)

My Tumblr: mushroombrain-art-chaos-dada-n…
My Flickr:…

ME AND TRANSVESTITEstallion PLAYING anti-MUSIC on Bandcamp: dannyhennesyfeattransvestitest… (with some FREE Downloads)

My name is Danny Hennesy and I am the king, Queen and Emperor of Homeland a state of mind in which I am dictator...

My name is Danny Hennesy and a woman I call mum gave birth to me a long time ago, such a long time ago that I even can´t remeber it...
I can speak language with my mouth...
I am from a circus family...

Current Residence: south Sweden (in the World)
Favorite genre of music: Good Music and Horrid Noise
Favorite painters: Dix, Lautrec, Giger and Well Many, Many More...

HERE ARE SOME OF THE MushroomBrainFaces I use:

Spreading Swedish Culture by MushroomBrain Stare in to the Eyes of Insanity by MushroomBrain Trust Me I love You by MushroomBrain I am plenty by MushroomBrain Mia Winslow photsession no 1 by MushroomBrain LeatherMan Pansy Boy by MushroomBrain Summer Selfie Shot Portrait Smoking in the Sun by MushroomBrain Self Portrait by Me by MushroomBrain Straight as A Daffodil by MushroomBrain Danny Hennesy it is hard to Quit Smoking by MushroomBrain the creator by MushroomBrain Romantic Chibi Bishie Boy by MushroomBrain more from Mia Winslow by MushroomBrain Me and majja again by MushroomBrain When I was Young and Handsome by MushroomBrain Me and my Favorite skull by MushroomBrain alien Hennesy by MushroomBrain Danny and seashell by MushroomBrain Danny in Jeans by MushroomBrain My Book Cover and Me by MushroomBrain The Dark Saint Praying by MushroomBrain Heavy Industrial Hammering by MushroomBrain Beer Art by MushroomBrain The Fool walking again by MushroomBrain a Painter Painting by MushroomBrain Who is Danny Hennesy these days... by MushroomBrain Danny Hennesy latest mohawk in the city by MushroomBrain bad hair day by MushroomBrain Potty Daffodil with Plant by MushroomBrain Just the Artist Danny Hennesy Back in Sweden by MushroomBrain Big Bad Naughty Machine and MushroomBrain by MushroomBrain Danny Hennesy in a Diffuse Box by MushroomBrain Tranny is leaving Homeland by MushroomBrain MushroomBrain Wow Signal from inner Space by MushroomBrain I am plenty by MushroomBrain The Painting and his painter... by MushroomBrain Broken Old Artist Self Portrait by MushroomBrain Rusty Solar Explosion Danny Hennesy posing by MushroomBrain Not Really hendrix But Nude and Rude by MushroomBrain Black and White Monster Clown by MushroomBrain selfportrait II by MushroomBrain Hot Mohawk by MushroomBrain Flower and the sweet Eyed Beast by Danny Hennesy by MushroomBrain grotesque selfportrait by MushroomBrain the two Sides of Danny Hennesy Mad and Insane by MushroomBrain semi transvestite by MushroomBrain Thorn Crowned Hippie Fool by Danny Hennesy by MushroomBrain The Painting and his painter... by MushroomBrain The cam went of premature by MushroomBrain sometimes I feel alien by MushroomBrain me and my skull by MushroomBrain Cheers Spill your Wine Hennesy by MushroomBrain Untitled Just My Rebel Expression or Danny Hennesy by MushroomBrain Fucked up clown by MushroomBrain Concrete Punk Street ART by MushroomBrain Self Portrait by Me by MushroomBrain Hippie Smoking a Commercial cigarette by MushroomBrain

if anyone would like to paint or create a picture of me after being inspired of these pictures you can submit it to this group:

and LordWormm's FAN-art of my ART: Mushroom Babies by Lordwormm Vibrobot Fanart by Lordwormm

For best effect Look at it in full size!

and JestemBazyliszkiem It's a t-shirt by JestemBazyliszkiem

Hello, Peace and Noise!

The Weekend has passed and hangover is present :)
So to day I will let my black mind take over :)

Twisted Mechanical Flesh Machines, fetuses with hives of boils and poxes, twisted twirling tentacles,
Freaky Mutant Flesh Ridden with Rot and Disease, death, Pain and suffering, all in Gristle Greyscale,
Grinning Murdered skulls, Cyborg amputees screaming in pain caused by their own robotic implants,
Open Weeping wounds crying blood and pus, flesh teared, ripped and flayed of bodies damned in hell,
Anger, Hate and Doom :)

Enjoy this small collection of Darkness!!!

Fading by myAtta-artBrap 4 by sweetmouth Krang by RyanMcMurry winning Smile by sweetmouth I'm made of death, from head to foot by EriksDesdemona

salome by lisa-im-laerm Sweetlove by sweetmouth Long live hate by Dragonbaze : fetishist : by BastardPrince Bottom feeder by EchoBullet

Nothing by Mheely Portrait Of a Crow by Eternal-Dream-Art Now that the Internet is Haunted by meerkos spirit by kiszkigrajamarsza Spirit Attack by NoorRahman 

Turn The Wheel by MorganVonDarque The Reaper by curtis-macdonald Abyss by emuffin717 The Rise and Fall of Ashanta 3 by ProudWarrioress Surrealistic flame by siriablacky The World Through Their Eyes by kuronightcliff2

The banishment from Heaven by DanNeamu Nocturne by Chris-Lee-Thone Humachines by offermoord Expire-ment by AbstractedEye Grunt by LazarusGrimm Untitled 31 by AbsintR3ality 

1ofthelastw by J4K0644061x Convergence by haleyvee Cyber Brood by offermoord De Hypterion 1 by Vonkor DOODLE-SCHMOODLE #2 by Badusev The Nightmare Stinger by Pyramiddhead

U'nahga Head Study by Methuselah3000 Alice (SteamPunk world 2014) by FerPeralta The cyborg room by Metalzillor The forsaken house by GeneralHound The Invisible Dentist by albatrash

flying without wings by CosmicKat black mass by KleopatraAurel I don't wear eyelids by Aaron-R-Morse Midnight Desolation by BOMBATTACK Agonize by ADRIANVALDEZ

All the secrets washed down the drain. by moppaa Haunting by MissPoe Hell's Sewers by facusoad pirate by SittingBuddha Cameron Nightmare, The Healing Death by MajoAnrod Clown by herrerabrandon60

Escape I by RussellJackson whispering to the death by MaithaNeyadi Nematode Neurotoad by Unearthling AB14  Our black-and-white World ... 2 by Xantipa2-2D3DPhotoM resident of gutter road by SittingBuddha

Blow Out The Black Candles by POISONGRAPESawaiting Papa Em 2 by urk66 Loatheb by AmirahhInferno Tattoo Roses by theonlycaitlin Cognizant by SearingLimb 

OMG BMG! by fraeuleinkirsten Seer by SearingLimb Toys 187 III: The Toychest by ckoffler Continue: request (2/2) by RmGrimm Ghost Maker by SlopNDoodle 

:o by bizdogz chaos forms in the mind by vaultboy90 EclipseAtCamanghar by HendelMasad My Shadow by LordNetsua cyber reality 1 by bsoy

Someday, Kha'Zix will feast on Rengar by OUTL4ST 'where are you going?', they ask. by Asralore STEM by LordNetsua Sketched Figure (Early 2013) by Democo Corruption's captive by sweetmouth

Raising Hector by Bernardumaine Osirian mysteries by Bernardumaine The Infinite Cage by MBKKR Lucy in the sky with demons by Bernardumaine Morphic Resonator by artserge 

Biohackers Lament by artserge the Scolopendra by Nerva1 pain by Mondviole Daughter of the Ibex by CaitlinHackett Pegasus commission by CaitlinHackett

the least among us by CaitlinHackett Witch's Remains by eliasaquino  The Inconceivable Reflection by Unearthling The morning son by VasilKakafi Demonlord by Scytheprayer Vision Peripheral by VasilKakafi

Edna's disease by RaisingInsanity Spirit Skulls by arcaneserpent NoD Skulls by Malanek Music note skull and spine by anthonyweber Demon Jester by aaawhyme

Kill the King by ShawnCoss Fishing for Skulls by ShawnCoss go in hell by AndreySkull Goetia by herrerabrandon60 

...pretty Dark :) well if you want more Darkness you can watch My experimental Bands latest sound wall art VIDEO:

Have a wonderful day :)


Who was/is your role model? 

26 deviants said (some) creative person, i.e. musician, painter or simmilar
9 deviants said None!
7 deviants said my Self (you)
6 deviants said one or both my Parents (who ever created or brought you up)
4 deviants said MushroomBrain (me)
4 deviants said (some) scientist or simmilar
2 deviants said God or other religious character
1 deviant said one or more of my siblings...
1 deviant said other family member
1 deviant said (some) Politician

Journal History

Abstract Danny Hennesy Masterpisses

Broken Dreams by MushroomBrain Minute Noisy Friends by MushroomBrain Raw Little Punky One by MushroomBrain Complicated Simplicity by MushroomBrain Complicated Abstract Pattern by MushroomBrain Abbyswamp by MushroomBrain Framed by MushroomBrain abstract anatomy by MushroomBrain Spooky fog abstract by MushroomBrain grains in the wind by MushroomBrain Solar eclips by MushroomBrain cloudish by MushroomBrain unint. paint. with int. frame by MushroomBrain abstract box or square by MushroomBrain X and Y the complex version by MushroomBrain bored of beeing a painter by MushroomBrain Bollocks by MushroomBrain Mighty formation in the sky by MushroomBrain abstract lingering trees by MushroomBrain Pain and agony of the scream.. by MushroomBrain
In Memory of Mr Woo by MushroomBrain abstract spiders web by MushroomBrain How to Destroy an Abstract by MushroomBrain Fake Illusionism Art by MushroomBrain Dark Angels in Heaven by MushroomBrain Rorschach test ABSTRACT ART by MushroomBrain Play that Tune by MushroomBrain

Toy, Manikin and Doll ART

Sibling Humans Born to die by MushroomBrain
child by MushroomBrain Welcome to the Free World by MushroomBrain Just Asleep after a Hard Life by MushroomBrain White Trash Used n trown away by MushroomBrain Small child sinking in paint by MushroomBrain Framed Angelboy by MushroomBrain Chaos Drednaught on Necron by MushroomBrain War Play by MushroomBrain Steeds for Clawful and Skeltor by MushroomBrain Detail from painting... by MushroomBrain Squirt on the Combra analog communication by MushroomBrain 3. After the execution by MushroomBrain soldiers fighting close to pee by MushroomBrain penetrate my mind by MushroomBrain G I Joe kiss by MushroomBrain Pretenders of Society by MushroomBrain commercial plastic by MushroomBrain Flower Power Tank by MushroomBrain Danny Hennesy MOTU ACTION FIG by MushroomBrain The Insane Killer Clown Says: No 2 by MushroomBrain
Horrid doll and Rust by MushroomBrain Big Alpha Male war Machine by MushroomBrain Statues and Beer by MushroomBrain commercial plastic by MushroomBrain


New TRANSVESTITEstallion Logo by MushroomBrain
The Experimental ARt noise band with a Glitch, will feture some of our Videos, designs and more!

Promotional Design for TRANSVESTITEstallion by MushroomBrain Design 4 Chaos Pain in MushroomBrain by Ts Noise by MushroomBrain
Extreme Harsh Horrid Noise music Design by MB by MushroomBrain TRANSVESTITEstallion Design for the Glitch Monkey by MushroomBrain
EXPERIMENTALnoiseMUSIC by MushroomBrain Cursed Rotting flesh and Maggots by MushroomBrain
TRANSVESTITEstallion flyer by MushroomBrain Design for my experimental Band Ts by MushroomBrain
MERCURY DDT CYANIDE by MushroomBrain Eavesdropping the Alien Internet through WormHole by MushroomBrain
Calculating the Girth of John Majors Major Thomas by MushroomBrain Mechanical Golem on the Coast of Wizards by Ts by MushroomBrain
TRANSVESTITEstallion Experimental by MushroomBrain Pentrate My Mind II by MushroomBrain
The Proclamation of Doom on Alien FM radio by MushroomBrain Chaos Havoc Order System Design by MushroomBrain
Fag Smoking A FAG flyer by MushroomBrain Singer from band Caught Public by MushroomBrain
Design for Band no. 230 by MushroomBrain Design for John Joe Wilson and Ts Collaboration by MushroomBrain
Harsh Noise experimental Music by MushroomBrain Design for Conceptual glitch electro Music by MushroomBrain
Hammered to nothing by MushroomBrain an Ogres Digestive System by MushroomBrain
Intrusive Unwanted Noise by MushroomBrain Project X by TRANSVESTITEstallion by MushroomBrain
Glitch in the PinBall Machine by MushroomBrain The Undertaker Takes over jebati sina maca sunce by MushroomBrain
Kiss the Glitch Clown: Repetative Eardrum by MushroomBrainSniffing dead birds, suicide, rotting hedgehogs by MushroomBrain
The Demons are in Our Head by MushroomBrain Horrid Noise by MushroomBrain
TRANSVESTITE NOISE FLYER by MushroomBrain Squirt on the Combra analog communication by MushroomBrain

Peace and Noise My friends!

TRANSVESTITEstallion Logotype by MushroomBrain


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